Victor Pasmore

graphic works

Il mostro


Victor and Wendy Pasmore with Gilles Stengle


Victor Pasmore, Enzo Bilardello and Valeria Gramiccia


Soft is the Sound in the Ocean


La villa dei misteri


Blue Mandala


La Guerra


Text by Giorgio Careri

Biological form is the meeting point between the inside and outside. The inside is where the transformation of flux takes place; flux coming from and back to the outside, in a continuous process. Biological form assigns their place both to the inside and to the outside, and allows the two sides to be separated as well as bound together. In so doing it displays a vital function because without exchange between the two sides there can be no life. Biological form is open on both sides. The process of biological transformation takes place by temporal cycles, and to multiply itself the inside grows into the outside. The biological form is a part of this process, and if seen isolated in space it changes during the course of time. But the form's function, which is fulfilled by temporal series of different space structures, remains as an invariant. The form function is to allow the inside to be forever bound to the outside, to keep this connection while the two sides are changing.

In a cactus in the desert, we first see the thorns, next the flower, and next again the fruit, full of seeds. The fruit is given to the outside in order to let the process repeat itself with the same rhythms, so as to multiply itself. We cannot locate the vital process of the cactus in one of its forms only. All of its forms together can offer the meaning of its vital unity, as a continuous growth of order.

Artistic form is the area of impact between the artist and the outside world. A shape is placed on the canvas to be transformed by a play of relations in space and time, until finally it is recognized by the artist as the new shape, as his completed work. It is on the canvas where the artist meets his outside world; it is on the canvas also where we can meet his inside world. Artistic form is an opening between him and us.

Artistic form when still in the artist's hands, belongs to him personally as the thorn and the flower to the cactus in the desert. His completed work is the fruit full of seeds, to be given to the outside in order to allow a similar process to be repeated. The work of art has the function of a sign outside of space and time, a sign meant as symbolic expression of a transforming process, able to be communicated by producing a process analogous to the one which created that sign.