Jasper Joffe

2RC Rome - 2000

Painting on the moon


Dfter the challenge to time, which Joffe operates on two occasions. at the Chisenhale Gallery in London (1999) and at the Laura Pecci Gallery in Milan (2000) where he decides to use the gallery as a creative space and to paint for twenty-four hours, twenty-four canvases of great energy and strong dynamism, the young artist decides to measure himself no longer with time, but with space and create a painting without gravity."Moon painting, Zero gravity painting, Gravity free painting".

You go inside and see a large colorful canvas. There is also and a canvas on the ceiling.The paintings could come from another planet. They are old-fashioned canvases, mounted on wooden frames, but they float. They escaped their own heaviness. They should look like they were painted by someone who has no knowledge of the present. Perhaps it is the room that is upside down or is at an angle ”.