Julian Schnabel 

graphic works
2RC Rome - 2004

Exhibition set up


Exhibition set up


The works presented are the result of an exciting collaboration that took place, during the winter of 'XNUMX, between Schnabel and Valter and Eleonora Rossi in Palm Beach in Florida and in Mantouk in Long Island.

Francesco Clemente is the intermediary of 2RC who in New York shows Schnabel a series of editions produced by the printing house, at the sight of which the artist expresses the desire to create something absolutely innovative and intriguing with the Reds.

The first meeting with the artist takes place when Valter and Eleonora Rossi decide to come to Schnabel's studio in New York. What they find in front of them is a breathtaking spectacle of canvases arranged in backdrops: a rhythm perfectly synchronized with the experience of the spectator, instinctively absorbed, never distracted.

Fascinated by what they had seen, the Reds decided to leave immediately for the artist's residence in Palm Beach, determined to visit him to fix a possible work program and with the hope of seeing him at work. The above New York place serves them to evaluate the artistic characteristics of the talent they are about to meet, they already imagine surprising solutions, able to offer added value through acids and copper plates.

The second day of stay, already at work. Valter and Eleonora are almost bewildered by the multitude of ideas that the artist constantly proposes to them, and they find themselves carrying out the first tests with a few tools (extemporaneously) available, giving free rein to the imagination to fill the most evident gaps due to equipment. On the wave of the enthusiasm for the first results achieved, a further meeting is set between the artist and the Rossi gentlemen for the following month, this time in Mantouk, in an incredible house located in the extreme tip of Long Island, this time with everything the necessary material and with different ideas now metabolized and ready to be put into practice.

The laboratory is located in a kind of amphitheater set up outdoors due to the enormous size of the canvases used by the artist, which the studio, although large inside the house, could not contain. It is his aptitude to develop subjects by embracing techniques and spaces out of the ordinary, and this, consequently, was a factor to be taken into consideration even for a graphic project. So Valter and Eleonora decide to weld two sheets together to obtain a surface of greater extension, guaranteeing Schnabel full confidence and freedom of expression.

After many days spent working under the sun, fighting against the premature evaporation of acids, the artist and the engravers finally find themselves in front of the finished slabs. Three diptychs obtained using the techniques of aquatint, etching, chalcography and carborundum, on plates of 200 × 150 cm., Editions later printed in Rome in the 2RC Stamperia La Vigna Antoniniana.

Pandora, Flamingo, Le Tango, emblematic and overbearing titles, the ultimate witnesses of an extraordinary collaboration.