The Doublefold Dream of Art 

2RC between Artist and the Artificer
Galeri Seni Nasional

Tirana - Albania - 2007

The Italian Cultural Institute of Tirana presents the exhibition at the National Gallery of Arts The Doublefold Dream of Art. XNUMXRC - between artist and the artificer, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The exhibition, which crosses the history of Italian and world art from the 60s to today, celebrates the past and present activity, with an eye to the future, of 2RC, one of the major Italian and international art print shops through of the great names that from all over the world have decided to take advantage of his professionalism, and better we could say of his mastery, using an ancient term that allows us to remember how, in Italy, contemporary excellence always has its roots deep in fabric of tradition and, in this case, in that relationship between great art and great craftsmanship that from the Renaissance onwards has been behind the creation of very high masterpieces.

The exhibition curated by Prof. Achille Bonito Oliva for the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation in Milan, today allows us to retrace this extraordinary experience, bringing it to the attention of the Albanian public.