The Doublefold Dream of Art

2RC between Artist and the Artificer
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space - Bandung
Sangkring Art Space - YogyaKarta
Indonesia National Gallery - Jakarta

Indonesia - 2010

Livia Raponi
Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta

The exhibition "Double Dream of Art - XNUMXRC between artist and craftsman", curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, tells more than XNUMX years of Italian and international art history, which have seen in the Roman printing XNUMXRC of Valter and Eleonora Rossi not only the place of production, but also and above all of the joint creativity of the artist and the engraver.

From Korea, after an extensive circulation in Europe, America and Asia, the exhibition arrives in Indonesia and, relating to the varied local panorama of the visual arts, is divided into three different sections: the historical artists at the National Gallery in Jakarta , the Americans and the British at Sangkring Art Space in Yogyakarta, the avant-garde at Selasar Sunaryo in Bandung.

The adventure of 2RC can thus ideally be retraced, starting with Alberto Burri's Combustions and Cretti, exhibited in Jakarta, passing through the biological forms of Victor Pasmore, the figures of Henry Moore and the portraits of George Segal, presented in Yogyakarta, up to Enzo Cucchi and Francesco Clemente's Transavanguardia, on show in Bandung.

This event, supported by ICE and the result of a team effort that has seen side by side 2RC, BIASA ArtSpace and the Italian Cultural Institute, also intends to be an opportunity for in-depth study and comparison of experiences, both with regard to the specificities of the arts. graphics, and to the transversal area of ​​theoretical reflection.

This is what Rizki A. Zaelani, curator and lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Bandung Polytechnic, suggests in his writing, who was able to share and support our desire to give shape and meaning to the event by looking at the artists, at the galleries , to collectors, to the public, to all the protagonists of the dense and vital space of contemporary art today in Indonesia.

I would like to thank Simona Rossi, Susanna Perini and Dominique Lora for their contribution to the organization of the initiative, which was also able to develop thanks to the availability and collaboration of the directors of Galeri Nasional, Selasar Sunaryo and Sangkring Art Space.

Thanks go to Achille Bonito Oliva, whose presence to inaugurate the event underlines its importance and significance.