Comel space for contemporary art - Latina - April


"Itequilibrium "is a refined, technically exemplary exhibition, the result of high-level collaborations and the final result of the path of the students of the Master in" Management and Technique in Print and Art Publishing ", promoted by Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, in synergy with the Laboratory Association 2RC Officina Contemporaneo.

On display about 45 graphic works created under the careful guidance of Eleonora and Valter Rossi, experts of the most advanced techniques of contemporary chalcographic engraving, and of Professor Lucy Jacamowititz, regarding the design of the artist's book.

The Master took place at the 2RCGAMC International Center for Art Graphics in Viareggio. The historic art printing 2 RC, a name that is an authentic worldwide guarantee for the printing of art, has selected some works by young artists Laura Peres, Laura Fonsa, Irene Puglisi, Elisa Favilli, Elena Mantovani and Nicola Salotti. The result is a collective work which, while representing a unitary project, enhances the hybrid character of each performer.

"The balance the artists talk about is not only the one designed to make their specificities coexist within a collective work, but also the one that could and should characterize their present and future career, poised between the ability to lend themselves to realization of the artistic dreams of others and to give course to their own. " (Elisabetta Trincherini)

They also contributed the Academy of Fine Arts from Beijing, with Chinese artists / teachers Li Yansong and Peng Jingrong, with an internship in printing technique at the Black way and traditional and modern Chinese technique of woodcut, and the Confucius Institute of Pisa, for the realization of the exhibition.

Spazio COMEL, which hosts the exhibition in Latina, is one of the privileged stops chosen for the tour of the “Balance” exhibition. An ideal location, where different artistic expressions, art critics, passionate journalists, scholars converge, with exhibitions, conferences, performances, it is already a well-known exhibition venue for the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Arte Contemporanea International Prize, now in its fifth edition and entered the circuit of the most important Contemporary Art awards. 

With the exhibition "The colors of silence" which, exceptionally and unique case, exhibited the works of Alberto Burri in a private art space, Spazio COMEL has recently inaugurated a new circuit dedicated to the "Retrospectives" of the greatest artists. Unpublished exhibitions of great cultural prestige. The first retrospective made it possible to start a fruitful collaboration with the historian 2RC Art Stamperia by Valter and Eleonora Rossi and now, faithfully following the original art promotion project, confirms the commitment to this new shared project.