Print studios

The Art of Printing of the 70's

This video from the 70s is a very important document that sees artists such as Alberto Burri, Victor Pasmore, Pierre Alechinsky, Max Bill, Eduardo Chillida, Graham Sutherland and Afro at work, who together with Valter and Eleonora Rossi create Garfic works using various techniques including screen printing, lithography and engraving.


Donation Torchio dechebalo

The Stamperia 2RC in Rome begins a collaboration with the Central Academy of Beijing. After three years of preparation, a large chalcographic press, designed by Valter Rossi in 1969, leaves for China. The 2RC donation represents the intention to continue its technical research in the East, where graphics are understood as an art in its own right. The press will be placed in the new engraving department of the Academy, specially designed for large dimensions, and will be inaugurated with an official act of the Embassy of Italy in Beijing, in the person of Ambassador Riccardo Sessa.

Tan Ping - 2009

This is the documentary of the first 2RCCAFA workshop in the printmaking department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, which features artist Tan Ping, accompanied by Valter and Eleonora Rossi, working on the copper plates of two new engravings. In this video it is possible to follow all the processes: from the artist who works, to the color proofs, to the printing up to the signing of the print voucher.

Liu Ye - 2010

The second 1RCCAFA workshop took place from 15 April to 2010 June 2, in the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. This year the artist Liu Ye was sent to work with whom two new etchings were produced. In this video you can follow the printing process starting from the artist's work up to the finished product.

Liu Ye - 2011

In spring 2011 at the 2RCCAFA - Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, engraving department, artist Liu Ye, together with Valter and Eleonora Rossi, produced his third engraving. “Pinocchio”, this was the first time ever that the artist represented this famous Italian character. The etching was produced using the 2RC Essence Technique, drypoint and aquatint techniques.

Ding Yi - 2012

The Artist Ding Yi working at the 2RCCAFA Deparment at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Biejing, in Spring 2012. In this video one can see the whole editorial and technical process. This is the first etching produced by the artist with the soft-ground, dry-point and aquatint techniques. The title of this etching is “Appearance of Crosses 2012.

Zeng Hao - 2013

This is a video where you can see a three-year project with artist Zeng Hao. Three editions, two of which printed in Italy at the 2RC typography and three at the 2RCCAFA studio at the engraving department of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. The experience between the artist and Eleonora and Valter Rossi has been very intense in recent years, both technically and humanly.

Zhang Xiaogang - 2013 Beijing

In 2013 the itinerant printing house moved again to the studio of an artist, the studio of Zhang Xiaogang, where the Reds organized a small graphics workshop because the artist, very reserved, did not want to work at the Academy.

In this simple and quiet study, two series of small etchings were born: the first with three etchings, "Speechless Series", and the second with nine other etchings, "Lost Dreams Series", for which the artist, with a intuition that can only be defined as sacred, typical of Chinese culture. Zhang Xiaogang put himself entirely in Eleonora's hands, fully aware of the magical quality with which she is gifted to create color.

Francesco Clemente - 2014 

For the first time, in April 2014, an internationally renowned Western artist, Francesco Clemente, hosted the spring workshop at the 2RCCAFA in Beijing. The collaboration between Valter's 2RC and Eleonora Rossi and Francesco Clemente began in the early 80s and continued until the late 90s.