Maurice Scheltens

2RC Rome - 2001

Dutch Touch is an event created alongside the fashion event with the intention of inviting Holland, as a guest country, to the fashion week in Rome and to present the protagonists of the new Dutch fashion-design.

Dutch Touch exhibits these new trends, thanks to the Roman galleries that host photographers in a series of appointments.

The 2RC Gallery presents six large-format photographs by the XNUMX-year-old artist Maurice Scheltens, a promising figure on the Dutch artistic horizon, winner of awards such as Red, Joopl, Mtv, Vpro, Droog Design and published in major fashion and design magazines such as : Visionair, V magazine, Blackbook, NyIon, Dazed & Confused, Vogue Homme International.

Maurice Scheltens dedicates his research to detail and contrast. His is a dwelling on the peculiarity of things, and then looking at them in a totally different way from the objective forum meaning.