Stephanie DiMarco

Swimming pools - photography
2RC Rome - 2002

Swimming pools I


Swimming pools IV


The Po


Curated by Gianluca Marziani

The XNUMXRC gallery in Rome presents Stefania Di Marco's first solo exhibition entitled “Piscine” (curated by Gianluca Marziani). The young Turin artist presents a selection of photographic images taken from one of her recent cycles. As the title indicates, we are in an aquatic scenario where the water of the swimming pools dominates the image across the board. A world of soft blues, dazzling reflections, anomalous lights. A place of water and transparency that interacts with some silent and naked bodies. The physical presences recall a sort of ghostly mannequins floating in that limbo between landscape and dream. The framing that involves them thus lives between truth and fiction, between the imagery of a certain painting and a figurative sculpture that turns into a photographic document. For each project, in fact, the author builds and assembles every scenic detail. He creates bodies and objects that become the simulated projection of a possible reality, bordering on unsettling realism with which to break photographic certainties. The bodies imitate the truth of a real physicality, make sinuous gestures, recline in the sun which heats the liquid element. Feel something happening inside and outside the pools, perceive energies regarding the protagonists in costumes and other things that are invisible to us. Mystery and charm pervade the atmosphere, confirming how much today's photography registers and modifies any linguistic contamination.