4 American female artists


Lat 2RC is pleased to present the exhibition of graphic works by four American artists: Louise Nevelson, Helen Frankenthaler, Nancy Graves and Beverly Pepper

Beverly Pepper

Folder of six - plate 2 - 1966


Untitled - 1975


Folder of six - plate 5 - 1966


In 1966 Valter and Eleonora Rossi met Beverly Pepper through the Marlborough gallery in Rome.

In this period Pepper is fascinated by the patina and the typical colors of the metal plates abandoned to the action of time; these are thus included in the engravings following a very delicate realization process. Rough and rigid sheets welded together are boldly combined with a fragile material such as paper, which, subjected to these treatments, is particularly prone to tearing.

This collaboration reaches its peak between the 80s and 90s, with the publication of Janus Blue and Genesis Rust. He lives and works in Todi.

louise nevelson

Graphic presence - 1973


Folder of six - plate 5 - 1973


Folder of six - plate 4 - 1973


1973 is a year of intense collaboration between 2RC and Louise Nevelson. The project that on several occasions brings the Reds to New York is a folder commissioned by AIAP UNESCO and employs 11 internationally renowned artists: Alechinsky, Burri, Calder, Delaunay, Sebastain Matta, Wotruba, Vasarely, Mirò, Pasmore, Chillida, Nevelson.

In order to transpose the artist's choices in the sculptural field to print, the 2RC must specially elaborate a particular paste of black, opaque and very deep. of New York) and “Graphic Presence”.

Helen Frankenthaler

Midnight - 1986


Broome street at night - 1986


Italian lunch - 1974


In 1973 he began working with the Rossi in their Rome studio. In this first session, three prints are made in which the artist's attention to the plot meets the experimental methods with which the 2RC obtains marked effects of rough and smooth.

A second and richer production cycle dates back to 1986, involving Frankenthaler in the creation of six etchings in the Rossi's laboratory in New York. These make up the “Broome Street Series”, named after the street in Soho where the US headquarters of 2RC was located.

Nancy Graves

Time shapes the stalactites - 1990


Red Maps - 1984


Borborigmi - 1988


Surely among the four she was the artist with whom the Reds were most in contact. A relationship of work and friendship, which began in 1979 and continued throughout the 80s and part of the 90s.

Eleonora Rossi remembers entire days spent in the garden of her home with Nancy Graves: the composition of the prints often started from casts of flowers and plants, a legacy of the profession of Nancy's father, who was a geologist. The artist actively participated in a printing process that proved to be very complex, due to the multiple techniques and the great variety of colors used. Unfortunately, this fruitful collaboration ends in 1995, the year of Nancy Graves' death.