The Doublefold Dream of Art 

2RC between Artist and the Artificer
Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Chongching - 2009

Prof. Feng Bin
Director of the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts Museum

The exhibition "Double dream of art: XNUMXRC - between artist and the Artificer", which will be hosted at the Museum of the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts, will be a unique opportunity to admire the graphic works of important Italian and international artists.

We could also draw lessons from the event. Valter and Eleonora Rossi, founders of 2RC Stamperia d'Arte, proved to be indispensable for artists and their creativity. This type of active collaboration that artists and master engravers have managed to establish will be a good lesson for those who work in China in the institutions of studies and teaching of fine arts.

Furthermore, the exhibition in Chongqing will provide a concrete example of cultural dialogue by presenting an Italian artistic initiative to the public of southwestern China.