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Nancy Graves
Text by Valter Rossi from La vita è segno

The relocation to the Terme di Caracalla was not an intentional change but a necessity. The structural, conservative and complete restoration of the Ara Coeli, obliged us to consider "even" abandoning our activity. It seemed impossible to find another location with the characteristics to which we were accustomed.

After some time, I realize the damage that had been done to us and the arrogant way in which it was carried out towards us, a real wickedness, not entirely explainable at that time, but today understandable because strangely they appeared, behind the negotiation, characters and performers that we have found in recent years, the same people responsible for economic and financial disasters that have involved thousands of investors in their crashes.

It was a close friend, the architect Edoardo Monaco who, upon returning from a visit to the studio of Capogrossi, thought of passing by the Baths of Caracalla to show us an abandoned farmhouse. An acquaintance of his had rented it for some time, without being able to obtain permits for the renovations.

We discovered what became our wonderful place of work, but above all of life. A farmhouse inserted in the park of the Baths of Caracalla, born at the beginning of the 400th century, ready only to fall at any moment, totally abandoned for about a decade.