David D'Amore

2RC Rome - 2000

I am her - 1999


It's a secret - 1999


Curated by Gianluca Marziani


Do you remember David D'Amore's previous solo show? XNUMXRC also set up its first mental journey in photographic form. Small pieces of clean black and white floated on the walls, all extraneous to purely real logics. Or better, some newspapers kept their roots but their mixing determined a subtle madness. The stories gave back intense micro-tales, moments where truth and fantasy slid towards unclassifiable over-realities. A vehicle candle placed inside a cot will give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about. Today's appointment proposes the same faces of that inner prism. Several things have naturally grown, they have taken on the appearance of a new era. The artist's moral clarity, however, seems to guide him on a path that knows no deviations. He goes straight, follows instinctand elaborates projections of his ghosts. Do not think that every artist shapes the inner shadows. Many pass away from the dark areas, dodging them with hidden cunning. Some, for them and for our luck, take risks and strip naked without ambiguity, revealing the intense glow that arises within: intimately, towards the actions that make us alive.