Laboratorio 2RC Officina Contemporaneo


A new International Center of Graphic Art in Urbino is currently being planned and will soon be opened.

The collaboration with the city of Urbino began in 2017, following a first meeting with Giuseppe Balduini and Gabriele Cavalera, accompanied by Carlo Bruscia and Simona Rossi, at the 2RC Edizioni d'Arte headquarters in Bracciano. Subsequently, as part of the agreements undertaken, it was decided to organize an exhibition of the graphic works of Arnaldo Pomodoro, produced by 2RC, during a period ranging from 1975 to 2007. The exhibition, set up in the premises of the nascent Galleria Albani, directed by Balduini himself, took place in April 2018, and was the occasion for various meetings with numerous exponents of the world of Urbino Graphic Art, and of institutions.

Particularly constructive all the subsequent meetings with the Mayor of Urbino, Maurizio Gambini, who, for the entire period from 2017 to today - difficult in itself - has always supported the project.

And during the meeting with the Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, Prof. Luca Cesari, which took place in the Mayor's Office on May 30, 2021, in conjunction with the appointment of the new President of the Academy, Alessandro Allemandi, an agreement in principle was quickly reached which is about to be formalized through an Agreement between the Municipality and the Academy, where the first makes available to the second the spaces for the headquarters of a new Art Printing house in Urbino that is being born. on the second floor of the Doge's Palace Stables, also called the Data.

The common intention is to activate an International Center for Art Printing in a friendly collaboration between the Municipality, the Academy of Fine Arts, the School of the Book and the 2RC Officina Contemporaneo Laboratory Association that will lead to the creation of Masters and Doctorates in Print Technique and Management. and art publishing.

The 2RC equipment to give life to another printing house - once again - is already in Urbino from July 2020 therefore, for Eleonora and Valter Rossi and the rest of the family, only the VIAAA is needed….

Text by
Walter Rossi

The Urbino project presents itself as a new challenge; because, in the courses we intend to propose, a multiplicity of sectors are implied that will be proposed and addressed in all details, to be ready, in the shortest possible time, and to be able to host important international artists who will be the strength for sustainability of the project itself; And for a real maturation of the employees, with evident results of technical / artistic growth, always keeping in the highest consideration "ethics", which will be a constant, proven on the transparent basis of the "ETHICAL ARCHIVE" project.

The idea is to create an experimentation laboratory in the field of Graphic Art, and particularly in engraving, where particular resources and attention will be paid to "Student Orientation", aimed at identifying the real creative capacity of the young student, who looks out to advanced technique, to use it in order to create a work where his poetry is not conditioned by the means of expression. In the event that the interest in the technique strongly exceeds the creative desire and becomes true passion, the experience that the student will live, to get to the doctorate, will lead him to collaborate with support technicians who will follow the courses and the printing of the editions that will be published, with the aim of joining the staff permanently.

From these courses a future artist will not necessarily come out, but certainly a number of competent employees in the countless experiences that, based on the different attitudes and commitment, they will go to experiment. But, the most important thing we want to highlight is the need to form working groups where education, modesty and respect for others are the modalities for a desirable and possible autonomous editorial collaboration that lasts over time. , with the spirit of research that has always characterized the activity of 2RC. Because the important things are not like the fantastic things that happen in a moment, and they are not even at hand, you have to go and find them.

A further added value will be the vision and practical analysis of all printing processes, including industrial and IT, in the publishing sector which tend to want to intervene to flatten the value of direct techniques with mere and false reproductions, which the market, the more often than not, he does not know and cannot know.

Here is the importance of the project we adopted as a method: “ETHICAL ARCHIVE”; To be disseminated as: "ETHICAL ARCHIVE - YOUNG" in a capillary way, starting from Art Schools, High Schools and Academies, for a new total ethical and technical transparency.